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Dynamic Security Solutions (DSS) is one of the leading names in the Safety & Security solution providing industry of Pakistan, established in the beginning of the 21st century, the current situation is every work is going in standardize manner due to the requirement of excellent performance and safety measures regarding assets safety as well as labor safety. For this safety reason standard is designed for every work to strengthen the work ability, improve the safety parameter and reduce the human errors which is prime objective. There are many standards are exist in the world which provide the standard for DSS Glass Protection System, Fire protection and assets protection, like, ASTM, ANSI, NFPA, FPA, NIB, FPAP etc. to strengthen the work ability and improve the safety parameters. Because human error is everywhere exist. Then it is very much requirement to install DSS Glass Protection System and the automatic electronics and fire security systems to save our assets and labor which can occur by human error. Another problem which faces the world is terrorist activities and threats, which should be counter at its best level. Everyone who is living in this world is trying its best to break these types of activities but more working is required to strengthen the peace of the world. In the beginning of 21st century the world has gone towards the terrorist threats and activities. And no life is secure in any region of the world. Terrorists are very powerful. They work in the united manner. So, its very difficult to handle they are, they are very planned and perfectly executor. So, the world at this moment is in the battle. The United States and Europe, African Region, Middle East Region, South Asian Region, all are facing the terrorists’ threats and activities. The major issues that which encourage these activities are the social, economical and political injustice of the world and the core issues regarding Muslims territories should be resolved in the peaceful manner. Otherwise everyone wants to live independently and in the peaceful manner because who suffer from any body then they replied very badly, this is human nature. So, I think it should be resolved in peaceful manner otherwise the world is in trouble just like as in battle. So, in these circumstances the importance of DSS Glass Protection System, Electronic Security and Fire Security Solutions increases to save the nation, to save the people, to save the humanity, to save the assets of the nation and the world. We are following the ASTM (American Standard Testing Material, ANSI (American National Standard Institute) standards, for DSS Glass Protection System and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards for fire protection to save the nation, people, humanity, assets and the world by human error and terrorist’s activities. We are praying that “May Allah accept our activities which are trying to save the world.”

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