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DSS Walk-Through Gate


The Metor 160 walk-through metal detector features the operational and performance characteristics that you have come to expect from the Rapiscan Systems Metor brand. An improved discrimination of metal objects “False alarm rate less than 5% in favorable conditions” improved interference rejection. Preset programs to meet the requirements set by leading international security organizations. Adjust reset time for optimum passenger flow and minimum alarm time at the gate. Uniform detection sensitivity over the entire walk-through area from top to bottom. Patented crossed magnetic fields detect all metal objects regardless of orientation in the gate. Higher sensitivity with lower false alarm rate accounts for top security plus optimum traffic flow.

Additional Features

  • 21 programs with 100 sensitivity levels for each program.
  • Easy operation with microprocessor technology.
  • Self diagnostics continuously monitor operation.
  • Auto sensitivity for easy calibration.
  • An alarm relay to control external devices.
  • Programmable reset time.
  • External noise display.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Power fluctuations from 95 to 250V AC acceptable.
  • Adjacent detector identification by variable tones.
  • Little or no maintenance.
  • Availability of spares.
  • Safe for cardiac pacemakers and magnetic recording materials.
  • Can be easily moved to different locations.

The Control Unit

  • Gives full control of all the properties of the detector.
  • Gives indication of the relative size of a metal object on the horizontal bar graph.
  • Can be located up to 213 feet (65m) away from the gate.
  • It has variable access code which allows only authorized persons to make adjustments.
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