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DSS ECRO-25 Fire suppression System

This typical system is the advance version of FM-200 which is manufactured by DuPont USA in 2001is recommended to that places which are given below:

  • Data Processing Centers
  • Telephone Switches
  • Process Control Rooms
  • Art and Historical Collections
  • Facilities where water damage from sprinklers must be avoided at all costs

The chemical which is used in this system has no toxicity level and this chemical is bad conductor of electric charge or current, this extinguishing agent is typically stored in cylinders or spheres. It is delivered to distribution nozzles through a system piping network.

Critical to the functioning of the system is the fire detection and control network. Typically smoke detectors sense the presence of fire in the protected facility. The detection and control panel then sounds an alarm, shuts down air handlers, disconnects power from the protected equipment, and then releases agent into the protected area.

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