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DSS Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel System

The ZX series (Morley) is an intelligent fire alarm control panel. It has been designed and is constructed around proven and reliable microprocessor technology. This simple approach has produced a modular, scale able fire alarm platform suitable for protecting all types of premises. The ZX control panel supports a total of five industries leading protocols, allowing fire detection devices to be independently selected based on performance or aesthetic appeal. The ZX series control panels seamlessly integrates with Apollo (Xplorer, XP95 & Discovery), Hochiki ESP, Nittan, Morley-IAS and System Sensor detection device protocols. Designed for maximum flexibility the ZX series control panel is supported by a complete suite of peripherals and software tools. Information on the location of fires, faults and system status can easily be displayed or printed in multiple locations. Integration to Voice Evacuation Systems, paging systems and third party control systems is supported through a range of peripheral interface units. This adaptability, support and intelligence mean that the ZX series is suitable for new projects, system expansions, retrofits and system upgrades in all application areas. Offices, industrial units, entertainment venues, industrial plants and hospitals are a few of the many installations that can benefit from the features of the ZX series intelligent multi-protocol fire alarm control panel.


  • Using advanced industry-standard protocol for fast and stable communication
  • Up to 1536 addressable points, 192 sensors & modules per loop.
  • Uses standard wire, no shielded or twisted pair required on SLC loops.
  • Supports Class B (style 4) and Class A (style 6 or 7) SLC loops
  • Automatic drift compensation & daily calibration
  • Programmable sensitivity levels per device
  • Large 15-line x 40-character LCD display (600 char.)
  • Built-in help information screens
  • Powerful & versatile Cause & Effect programming (fire protection-related device control)
  • RS-232 /485 communication port
  • Optional mini-printer


Primary Power Supply: 120V or 220VAC 50/60Hz
Standby Batteries: DC24V 4AH sealed rechargeable batteries
Power Supply Output: 24VDC @ 5.0 Amps (4 Amps available for system power)

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